2016 Austin Kriya Calendar


2016 Calendar

Austin Kriya Yoga Center

  • April 08 – 10       Austin Initiation program
  • June  03 – 05       Austin Intensive
  • Nov 18 – 20         TX Retreat sponsored by Austin Center


Mark your calendars for these upcoming programs.  Details will be posted on www.kriya.org and https://austinkriya.wordpress.com/ approximately 1 month before the programs.  Share the Initiation dates with your friends and family. 


  • Chronic stress can lead to depression, anxiety, poor decision making, sleeplessness, and impaired memory.
  • When facing chronic stress, your brain undergoes biochemical and structural changes that cause your brain to prematurely age and literally to shrink. (27)
  • The best technique to reduce stress and improve concentration is meditation.
  • Over 1,000 studies have been published demonstrating the health benefits of meditation. (28)
  • Meditation can make you happier, smarter, and more resilient regarding life’s ups and downs.
  • Regular meditators experience improved concentration and memory, greater creativity, stress reduction, and better sleep.
  • Research shows it can actually decrease your biological age by 12 years! (29)Over 20 million Americans meditate regularly.

Above from Hacking Concentration: The Complete Guide to Getting Into the ‘Zone’



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  1. Harsha Chakravarti says:

    Sign me up. I’ll be glad to attend

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