2015 Calendar

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2015 Calendar

Austin Kriya Yoga Center

  • March 13 – 15      Austin Initiation program
  • June   12 – 14        Austin Intensive
  • Nov 6  – 8              TX Retreat sponsored by Dallas Center
  • Nov 13 – 15           Austin Initiation program


Mark your calendars for these upcoming programs.  Details will be posted on www.kriya.org and https://austinkriya.wordpress.com/ approximately 1 month before the programs.  Share the Initiation dates with your friends and family. 


  • Chronic stress can lead to depression, anxiety, poor decision making, sleeplessness, and impaired memory.
  • When facing chronic stress, your brain undergoes biochemical and structural changes that cause your brain to prematurely age and literally to shrink. (27)
  • The best technique to reduce stress and improve concentration is meditation.
  • Over 1,000 studies have been published demonstrating the health benefits of meditation. (28)
  • Meditation can make you happier, smarter, and more resilient regarding life’s ups and downs.
  • Regular meditators experience improved concentration and memory, greater creativity, stress reduction, and better sleep.
  • Research shows it can actually decrease your biological age by 12 years! (29)Over 20 million Americans meditate regularly.

Above from Hacking Concentration: The Complete Guide to Getting Into the ‘Zone’

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One Response to 2015 Calendar

  1. tazlean says:

    Hi Carolyn and Noel, Thank you for this update!  Jason and I were visiting the other day thinking it would be so awesome if, in addition to the weekly meditations, and other events throughout the year, we had a monthly meet-up/potluck.  It could be after one of the meditations, and I was thinking we could show videos of Guruji and Gurudev.  I would be more than happy to buy the DVD’s of his discourses (and plan to anyway!) and we could show an hour each month, even if people already have them, or have seen them, it would be a collective energy.If this is something that has already been tried… maybe we could try again, of course assuming Carolyn is ok with the added use of her house (maybe every couple months, if monthly is too often).  It is just an idea that could be molded and shaped to fit anything!If it’s not something that you feel would work, that is ok too!  I look forward to seeing you all soon, hopefully O and I can make it to another meditation here very soon. All the best to you, both! Leah

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